Who are we?

We are a compassionate community living by faith with a conviction and sincere trust in Jesus; We are generous at heart; youthful in spirit; and a church full of people who are dependent on the Holy Spirit where we find grace, acceptance, and a home.

You can join us every Sunday morning at 10:30am for church. You'll experience an exciting spiritual atmosphere with current worship music, faith-filled prayer, and relevant Biblical teaching.

This is who we are. This is what we do. This is how we live. This is our church.

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New to Kings Circle?

An Unforgettable September Series!

In the series, "Playlist of the Decades," we will be celebrating a different decade every week with live, musical performances, and provocative Biblical talks that will be different from any other Sunday morning gathering you've ever experienced. Grab an invite card and bring a friend as we celebrate Jesus and His love for you!

Join us for a very special Sunday morning service as we celebrate new life in Christ through water baptism. If you have decided to follow after Jesus but haven't been baptized in water, and would like to, please contact us  or call the church office.



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We really look forward to meeting you! 

Please introduce yourself or share your story of how Jesus is changing your life.

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2110 NW Circle Blvd.

Corvallis, OR 97330


(541) 757-9080
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Sunday Mornings @ 10:30am

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